Life coaching

What is a life coach?

When we think of coach we tend to think about athletes or eminent business men/women.
A life coach can help in all aspects of life from relationship, health and work.
A life coach’s role is to help his/her clients to achieve their full potential.  It is a holistic approach and the ultimate goal is for the client to be in a better place should it be mentally physically or spiritually and live a more meaningful life.
The coach and client work like a team where the coach provides a safe, encouraging and non-judgmental environment and where the client is encouraged to explore what they really want to achieve, what is holding them back and what they need to go forward.
 It is not a “one size fits all “approach as the life coach will use the client’s strength and gifts to achieve their goals. It is definitely a long-term approach as opposed to a quick fix. Because there are some SMART goals there is also an accountability for the client and it becomes therefore a very active way to work. We, as humans, tend to perform better when we have to show results.
This is not therapy or mentoring.

What issues can I help with ?

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Coping strategies for living with chronic conditions/pain
  • Work/ life balance
  • Weight 
  • Women’s health (e.g. menopause)

I will not tell you what to do but will help you to find the best ways for you to reach your goals through listening and questioning.
Sessions can be face to face or via Zoom. 

Free sessions:

The relationship between you and your coach is ,in my opinion, key. I also want to make sure I am the right person to help you.
So I am offering a FREE 30 minutes session  via Zoom to get to know each other and see how/if I can help.
There is no obligation to book after. 🙂

Book your free session :

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Baby yoga

Baby yoga is a class combining traditional yoga breathing with dynamic movement sequences. It is a good way of bonding with babies while helping the babies with their physical and emotional development.

The classes are held at Bude Children Centre but private classes can be arranged. The sessions are suitable for babies of 8 weeks old to 10 months old. Price per course is £35 for 5 weeks.

Next classes beginning on the 21st of January 2022 at 11:15.

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Jikiden Reiki

What is Jikiden Reiki?

Jikiden Reiki is an energy healing practice which originated in Japan. Practitioners use the life-force energy or “ki” all around us and are able to pass it on to stimulate our natural healing process.It treats the body as a whole on all levels – spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally. It is a non-invasive therapy as you will  remain fully clothed during the treatment. This makes it ideal for young children, elderly, people with lower mobility but is beneficial for everyone.

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Myofascia Release Therapy

Myofascial Release (MFR) is fast gaining recognition as the missing link in traditional healthcare. But what is Myofascia Release therapy?

Myofascial Release is a safe and very effective manual therapy that involves applying gentle, sustained pressure into the myofascial connective tissue restrictions. As gentle pressure is applied slowly, the fascia begins to “release” or elongate. This amazing hands-on technique helps to soften and open up (or “release”) these restricted areas, eliminating pain, restoring motion and improving function.

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Pure Pamper

A wonderful experience combining a full body massage and a mini facial using the gorgeous Trevarno products.

This treatment can also be adapted for mum to be.

The treatment lasts about 90 min and costs £60.

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The Holistic Experience

This treatment  draws from a wide range of massage techniques and may include Hot Stone, Indian Head and  Reflexology. A short consultation will help me to create a unique, fully bespoke treatment.

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“What you eat and drink are vital parts of what you are and what you will become.”

Nutritional Therapy is more than ’healthy eating’ or impersonal ‘nutritional advice’. A Nutritional Therapy plan is specifically designed to meet your body’s needs. It will support your body’s natural ability to maintain health by supplying the nutrients that you need to optimize your healthy emotional, mental and physical functions.

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Baby massage class

Baby massage classes

A loving massage can be comforting and soothing for babies, almost from the moment they are born. Massage can be beneficial for both parents and babies.

The classes are held in Bude Children Centre but private classes can be arranged. They are suitable for babies from 6 weeks old to 6 months old. Oil and handouts are provided. Cost is £35 for a 5 weeks course.

Next classes will be starting on the 21t of January 2022 at 9:30

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Pregnancy massage and baby massage class

After using Sandra for massage and then pregnancy massage, I always planned on taking my newborn to the baby massage classes. It did not disappoint! Sandra’s relaxed and knowledgable approach really put Dulcie and I at ease (first baby class jitters) and we have thoroughly enjoyed every class. I would highly recommend to any fellow parents. Thank you so much Sandra, Love Dulcie & Taryn xx


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