Reflexology for Fertility

Reflexology for Fertility

There is growing support for the theory that increased daily stress is one of the main causes for the higher numbers of men and women now affected by infertility problems. Indeed, stress could be one of the causes that account for the 15 per cent of ‘unknown’ factors in infertility.

I would advise if you have been trying to conceive for a long time ( at least 8 months) to always consult your GP/Consultant so that all tests can be carried out for both partners, and a diagnosis made as regards the cause of infertility.

Reflexology works on balancing all of the body systems to provide a healthy body for conception to take place. It works to open up the body, boosting circulation and bringing in necessary nutrients. This also helps to de-toxify the body through more effective elimination. The aim is to bring the body back to a state of harmony and balance. It is this balancing effect that makes reflexology so effective in the treatment of many hormonal conditions. Reflexology can be particularly effective in simply kick-starting ovulation again in women, who may have encountered problems after using the combined contraceptive pill for a long time. It can also help to regulate an erratic menstrual cycle thereby boosting the chance of falling pregnant. Both men and women are encouraged to have treatments for individual reasons, for example regulation of menstruation and stimulation of sperm production. About six treatments, once weekly, are recommended, dependent on how an individual’s body responds to treatment.

There can be a combination of problems disrupting fertility and I have tried to list some of the most common problems.

  • STRESS RELATED PROBLEMS (excessive worrying, or pressure at home or work).
  • MENSTRUAL CYCLE PROBLEMS such as irregular or heavy periods.
  • PRE-MENSTRUAL SYNDROME becoming over tense, mood swings and various physical symptoms.
  • HORMONAL IMBALANCES varying degrees of oestrogen/progesterone.
  • ENDOMETRIOSIS is a condition where fragments of the uterine lining migrate through the fallopian tubes to other parts of the pelvic cavity. These fragments can bleed and cause pain during menstruation.
  • CERVICAL PROBLEMS a hormone imbalance may cause thick cervical mucus that blocks the sperm as they travel along the woman’s reproductive tract.
  • POLYCYSTIC OVARIES a complex condition which includes many symptoms. Essentially means that small cysts form on the ovaries due to a hormone imbalance.
  • ADHESIONS (scar tissue) from surgery, combined with menstrual difficulties

One of the major benefits of fertility reflexology is the balancing of the endocrine system, the set of glands that produce the body’s hormones.

Reflexology is not a magic cure-all, it cannot guarantee a pregnancy. It can however create a healthier environment for a possible pregnancy to occur by encouraging the body to work more efficiently.

When is it best to book?

If there are no major health problems and the cycles are regular then results seem to be better when treatment is done 2-3 days before ovulation.

If you are not sure if reflexology can help you, I am always happy to discuss over the phone to choose the best treatment for you.

The treatment lasts about one hour and costs £45.