Why do I love my job?

People often asked me “Don’t you get bored of massaging bodies?”or “Do you mind looking at feet?”
The answer is simple: No. I do not get bored as I love my job.
I will not lie, I do get tired and my back hurts sometimes. Yes, I do feel sad some days or perhaps not as jolly as usual.
But as soon as my client walks through my door, I forget about it all and see only that person. Each person is unique. From the moment they walk in, I start building a picture of their frame of mind – their mood, stress levels and body tension – from the way they smile, speak and hold themselves. I feel privileged as they let me get a glimpse of their life with the good (holidays, success, family) and the bad (illnesses, worries, grieving, pain).
I have learnt a lot through the past few years (much more than they teach you at school) about massage techniques and also about myself:
– Body and Mind cannot be separated (you can’t ignore one to treat the other).
– Massage is not just about kneading muscles, you need to be aware of most common medication, conditions, have good people skills and recognise when someone just needs to be listened to.
– Being sensitive is not something to be ashamed of, it actually adds to the treatment.
– You can show empathy without getting emotionally attached (although it is the hardest for me).
– You cannot care about others without looking after yourself first.
– Don’t judge a book by its cover (someone looking very directive is often hiding a very anxious personality).
– Trust is a crucial component to any treatment.
And as much as it pains me to admit it, I do not own a magic wand. I had to learn to accept that you cannot cure serious conditions but you can definitely help alleviate symptoms and help people going through difficult time.


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